For design format for transactions (e.g: Customer Invoice, Sales Invoice, Payment Voucher format and etc...)

Example: Design Sales Invoice format

1) Go to Sales > Sales Invoice

2) Go to Task tab > Click Design

3) Double Click the format that you want to design

4) Change the Display Name that you want > Click Create

5) Report Designer is opened.

For design format for Reporting (e.g: General Ledger Reports, Customer Reports, Supplier Reports format and etc...)

Example: Design Sales Invoice Listing format

1) Go to Views > Reports > Sales Reports > Master Reports > Sales Invoice Listing

2) Click Design

Follow Step 3 to Step 5 as above


After done to design the layout that wanted, can click Save button to save and system will overwrite the existing format.

If you wish to Save as a New format without overwrite the existing format, you may click on Save As button to save as a new format