Example: -

I would like to do column sorting on column [Date] in 6 months Customer Aging inquiry screen but it was dimmed (gray colored)

This was due to the design view has disabled the column sorting

If you have subscribed ‘Validation Manager & User Defined Field’ module then you can enable it, otherwise you might need to contact your QNE Sales Consultant to subscribe




  1. Go to File > Module
  2. Make sure you have tick checkbox for ‘Validation Manager & User Defined Field’ module
  3. Select Save & Close

  1. Go to Maintenance > Select System Options
  2. Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + F9
  3. Key in password ‘Developer’s Password’ into prompted ‘Customization Centre Verification’ windows

  1. Go to Tools > select Customization Centre
  2. Expand Win > expand Application > double click QNE Optimum

  1. Expand Views > expand QNE.ERP.Reports.Debtors.DataModel
  2. Highlight DebtorAgingResult_ListView
  3. Look for ‘Behavior’ on right-side panel
  4. Change AllowSort from False to True

  1. Save and Close
  2. Logout and login your database
  3. Now you have successfully enabled column sorting for 6 months Customer aging inquiry screen

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