Click Here to learn How to Connect Database by using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. 

To schedule an automated backup with a SQL Server Agent job:

  1. Right click Jobs and select New job from the context menu, in the object explorer panel, in SSMS, under the SQL Server Agent node.

  2. Enter a name for the job in the New job dialog
  3. Click on the New button, under the Steps tab, and create a new backup step by adding a SQL statement

    DECLARE @MyFileName varchar(1000)

    SELECT @MyFileName = (SELECT 'D:\MyDB_' + convert(varchar(500),GetDate(),112) +right('0' + CONVERT(varchar(2), datepart(hour, getdate())),2)+

    right('0' + CONVERT(varchar(2), datepart(minute, getdate())),2)+ '.bak') 

    BACKUP DATABASE [SampleDB2023001C4] TO DISK=@MyFileName

    Note: Please Change [SampleDB2023001C4] to your DB Code, Example [MYDB]

  4. To schedule a job, click New, in the New Job dialog, under the Schedule tab

  5. In the Job Schedule tab, select a recurring frequency and a start date and click OK:

  6. Right click the job and select Start job at step option, to check a created job in the SSMS Object Explorer pane, under the SQL Server Agent then Jobs node

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