Scenario: How to set a rule to control selling price not less than purchase price.

Please refer KB How to Access Customization Centre

Step 1 - Go To Validation > Rules > Add… > RuleCriteria

Step 2 - 


Id: Rule name (SellingPriceNotLessThanPurchasePrice)

TargetType: Which transaction apply rules (QnEBS.BO.Sales.SalesInvoiceDetails)

Criteria: Rules/Conditions ([UnitPrice] >= [Stock.PurchasePrice])

ResultType: Select ‘Error’ type. 

TargetContextIDs: Save

CustomoMessageTemplate: User define text message to show when error prompt out. (Selling Price cannot low than Purchase Price!!!)

Step 3 - Save the setting and re-login system the check the changes.


After setting the rule, if user insert the Payment Voucher with the Cheque Number was already key-in to system, system will show the message below.

After close the error message box system will show the hints on the field that have issue.