Scenario: Purchase additional user license and install system to a new computer/ workstation

Check the version used in Server / other workstation

  1. Open QNE system in Server or other workstation
  2. Check the version display in the user login screen (as shown in the picture below).
  3. After that, log in to  and download the same version.
  4. If the version is not available in the website, you also can get the setup file from Server or other workstation. 
  5. Go to Local C and look for QNE Business Solutions folder at Server or other workstation
  6. In this folder you can get the Setup file which same version with the Server or other workstation.
  7. After the download or paste Setup file into workstation, right click on the Setup.exe file and select ‘Run as Administrator’
  8. To install the QNE Optimum to the new computer / workstation, follow the on-screen instructions.
  9. QNE Optimum will launch after you click on the Finish button. Double check on the version (as shown in the picture below)