Youtube Video Tutorial - Right Click - Open Link In A New Tab (Installation of QNE Optimum in Network Environment)            


This section contains instructions for manually installing and configuring QNE Optimum on your PC. For the list of minimum requirements      


1. Obtain the Installer CD and insert in your CD ROM drive. If you have the installer in flash drive, just plug it to any available USB port of your PC.  Open the Windows Explorer and locate the Setup_Full.exe. Right click on it and select Run as Administrator            






2.  In the "Select Setup Language" screen, click OK to continue.            






3. Click Next when the Setup Welcome screen appears.            






4. On the following screen, tick the option 'I accept the agreement' and click Next to proceed            






5. Select Full Installation and click Next            




6. On the next screen, you will see your Server Name, SQL User Name and Password. Proceed by clicking the Next button.            




7. SQL Server 2012 will first be installed.            






8.Installation will start. Wait until the installation is complete.            






8.  In the Finish Page, click the Finish Button.  If "Launch QNE Business Solutions" is checked, it will launch QNE Optimum automatically.            






9. Program Version is shown in the left side of the database login screen