This document demonstrates how to create a A4 half page size report. Choose and open a report type from the system. For example Journal Voucher. 

1. In the report menu bar, click on the Design button. 

2. In the Report Design Customization window for Journal Voucher, select the report format and click the “Amend” button or double click the selected report format.

3. The Report Designer will now load the Journal Voucher' s report format. 

Property Grid 

4. There is a “Property Grid” panel on the right bottom corner of the report designer 

Change the Paper Kind and Paper Size 

5. In the property Grid, under Page Settings, 

 1. Change the “Paper Kind” to Custom 

 2. Then change the “Page Height” to 584 

6. Switch to the Preview Tab, and view the result.

NOTE : User may need to manually adjust the layout or remove unnecessary field in order to fit into the current paper size to avoid the report from being separated into 2 pages. 

7. Click “Save as” from the toolbar and save the report 

Print two document in one A4 Page 

1. Preview the report that was previously saved. 

2. Export the report to PDF file from the Print Preview window. 

3. Open the PDF file using preferred PDF viewer. 

Click on the print icon (Ctrl+P) or select File -> Print… from the menu bar 

4. In the print dialog, change the print setting as shown below. 


Please refer attachment for the steps.

Thanks :)