This document demonstrates how to display FOC when unit price is equal to Zero in a report.

Choose and open a report type designer from the system. For example Sales Tax Invoice.

1. In the report menu bar, click on the Design button.

2. In the Report Design Customization window for Sales Tax Invoice, select the report format and click the

“Amend” button or double click the selected report format.

3. The Report Designer will now load the Sales Tax Invoice's report format.

4. Select the label below “U.Price” (in the Detail1 band) bound to the unit price data field and click the

control's smart tag button on the top right of the data field column.

5. The “Table Cell Tasks” actions list will appear. Replace the “Format String” field with {0:#,#0.00;;--- FOC ---}

6. Switch to the Preview Tab, and view the result.

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