When preview Sales Invoices as below, the price of an item is zero instead of blank

Therefore, the requirement is to change the selling price from 0.00 into a blank column




  1. In navigation panel, Go to Sales module and Sales Invoices.

  1. Select one of the sales invoices with zero-priced item or create a new one.

  1. Go to Task and select Design

  1. System will bring you to reports page. Select the default report and click on Amend

  1. Then system will prompt as below, click Create 

  1. System will create a user defined report and it is set as default. 

  1. After creating, system will bring you to a new page, Report Designer

  1. Go to [Unit Price] and [Net]

  1. Click on the [Unit Price] and > box above

  1. Go to Format String in the Table Cell Tasks

  1. Edit the Format String from {0:n2} to {0:#,#0.00;;""}

  1. Repeat the Step 8-11 to do the same for [Net]

  1. Click on the Preview located below

  1. As you can see, the price with zero becomes blank

  1. Click on the icon or control + S to save the changes. Close the report designer.