If let says, I would like to migrate master data (Example Employee Profile) from Company Database A to Company Database B.

User able to migrate:

  • Employees.
  • Maintenance : Allowances, Claim Types, Deductions, Overtime, Unit Based Allowance.
  • Human Resources: Leave Groups, Leave Types
  • Company: Banks, Departments, Projects, Categories, Branches

To know how to migrate, Please refer solutions.


Step 1 – Click Employee Profile in Company A.

Note: Make sure we are in correct DB à Click Employeesà Click Employeesà Tick Allà Point to <…> à Click Export.

Step 2 – After Click Export, Browser will download the excel file


Step 3 – Click My Companies

Step 4 – Click Open Company to login Company Database B.

Step 5   – Click Employeesà Click Employeesà Click <…> à Click Import.

Step 6 – Click Upload


Step 7 – Select the excel employee file which download from Company Database Aà Click Open


Step 8 – Click  OK