1. Show price Tag and display as [ ]

 (a)  Price Tag is designed for different debtor who got different selling price for the particular item

 (b) Try below entries

1.1 Tick this option – Go to Stock – Price Tag, decide the pricing for each group of price tag Example, Active Dealer and Inactive Dealer

1.2 Debtor maintenance – selects and defines the group of price tag. Example,

700-A001 - Price Group as Dealer and Price Tag as Inactive Dealer

700-B001 - Price Group as Dealer and Price Tag as Active Dealer

1.3 Item maintenance – Price tag Tab, to define the selling price for each price tag

Example Item AZ56K-INT, Active Dealer sells RM for RM60 and Inactive Dealer sells RM65

1.4 Sale Invoice – select debtor 700-A001 – select item AZ56K-INT, will automatically come out

the selling price as RM150


Refer attachment for details