1. Go to File - System Option - Purchase(1)- tick 'Must get approval in Purchase Requisition',Get Approval Option is up to user - Apply - Save
2. Go to File - General Maintenance - Purchase Requisition Control Level - Set for the User code who is the 1st level Control /2nd level control in PR approval - Apply - Save.

 After that, Login as standard user - Go to Purchase Requsition - Issue PR and select 'APPROVAL' tab -

Request by: is the user who login to QnE and want to get approval from 1st/2nd level control and issue PR.
Asking Approval from 1st/2nd level Supervisor:Based on the setting in System Option.

If System Option set 'Either 1st or 2nd level supervisor approve', then only one of the supervisor is able to  select.


If System Option set 'Must have 1st and 2nd level supervisor approve', then need to select a supervisor who is 1st level supervisor and a supervisor who is 2nd level supervisor that set in the Purchase Requisition Control Level.