For better financial and inventory control, user is required to seek internal approval from relevant personnel such as managers or the purchasing department to allow transferring of Purchase Requisitions to Purchase Orders. For instance, John must obtain approval from his manager, Bob, for a Purchase requisition before proceeding to place a purchase order. 

How to configure these settings?


1. Go to Maintenance > System Options

2. Go to Purchases tab, tick Allow only Approved Purchase Requisition To Be Transferred

3. To create or assign PR Approver, go to Purchases module > Purchase Requisition Approver then click New

4. Choose the approval level and select the user that you want to assign as the approver, then click Save. For this demonstration, we set BOB as the level 1 approver. 

Tips: If only one approver is required, set the approval level to level 1. If another approver is required, set the second approver to level 2 and so on for any subsequent approvers. However, you can also set multiple approvers at the same level if the approval of any one of them is sufficient.

5. As JOHN (requester), go to Purchases module > Purchase Requisition to create PR. 

6. After filling-out the details, click Approvals tab and notice that BOB is now shown in the approval section. Finally, click Save.


7. Log off as JOHN and log in as BOB (approver). Go to Inquiry > PR Approval Inquiry

8. After clicking Inquiry, a list of PRs pending for approval will be displayed. Double-click the PR which was created as JOHN earlier.


9. Go to Approvals tab, select the corresponding checkbox for either Approved or Rejected and click Save


Log in as JOHN, go to Purchases > Purchase Orders and choose a supplier, then click Transfer > Purchase Requisition.


Case 1: If the PR is not yet approved, it will not appear in the Requisition Transfer window. 

Case 2: If the PR has obtained the necessary approvals, it will appear in the Requisition Transfer window. Tick and click OK, then click Save to transfer the selected PR to Purchase Order.