Step 1 - Configure User Email Settings


Step 2 - Select on Username, then Click Email Setting


Step 3 - Enter the Email SMTP Server & Port

Notes: You can search the email SMTP Server & Port from Google

Hotmail/Outlook Settings

Gmail Settings

Step 4 - Login as STAFF Username, create a sample Purchase Requisition, then SAVE.

Make sure the Purchase Requisition Approval has been setup.

After Clicked Save, System will ask for Confirmation to send Email for Approval.

If the Email Settings is correct, the email will be send, otherwise please reset the email settings.

Purchase Requisition Email Notification (Web Based Application)

Step 1 - Go Security > Security System User > Select Username

Step 2 - Click on Three Dot Button (…) > Email Settings

Step 3 - Go Purchase Requisition > Create a Sample PR > Click on Three Dot Button (…) > Select Email Approval > Once Email Sent, it will appear RED message on screen as below.



Email Sample for Sender/Requester

The email will be included Purchase Requisition Document Number, P.R. copy as Attachment and Database Name.


Email Sample for Receiver/Approval