Customizing Transaction or Report preview format and wanted to show ‘Continue Next Page’ when there are more than 1 page


Company business nature is providing service on maintenance heavy duty machine which require to list out each job in details on Invoice which will have multiple page invoice, so would like to add a label ‘Continue Next Page’ in preview format with condition: -

  • Show ‘Continue Next Page’ at the end of page except last page
  • Show ‘Continue Next Page’ when there is more than 1 page invoice




  1. Open your transaction or report, in my example will be customer invoice
  2. Go to Task > Select Design

  1. Highlight your preview format and select Amend
  2. Right-click on Band DetailReport – “Details” > select Insert Band > select GroupFooter

  1. Go to View > Windows > Select ToolBox
  2. Drag [Label] into newly added Label

  1. Double-click on the label and key in text to be display like ‘Continue Next Page’
  2. Click on the [>] arrow button on GroupFooter1 and tick checkbox ‘Repeat Every Page’

  1. You can design your own appearance on the Properties panel (Right hand side) according to your needs

  1. Select the created label ‘Continue Next Page’ > Right-click and select Properties
  2. Select Behavior (Gear icon) and expand Scripts

  1. Select Print On Page and select (New)
  3. Copy and past below condition into script’s content

if (e.PageIndex == e.PageCount - 1)

                        (sender as XRLabel).Visible = false;


                        (sender as XRLabel).Visible = true;

  1. Click on Validate button > Save and close Report designer
  2. Preview with newly created format and you will be able to view the ‘Continue Next Page’ label on the end of page except last page, it also wont show when there is only 1 page

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