Users may monitor leave calendar of different branch and department in Leave Calendar and be more efficient in their daily tasks arrangement. Learn more here.


For users such as Branch Manager & Department manager, they may select the Branch and Department from the drop-down filter above the Leave Calendar to switch among calendars and monitor leave calendar of different branch and department.


To enable the Branch Calendar to display the correct employee's record. The settings have to be done correctly. 

1. Create a Calendar

First, create a calendar for the branch at Company > Calendar


2. Set the Correct Calendar at the Branch

After you created the calendar, go to Company > Branch. Add a new Branch. At the Calendar, select the calendar you’ve just created.


3. Employee Profile’s Setting

Make sure that your employees are set correctly according to their branch. Go to Employee > Employee. Select the relevant Employee and click on their Profile tab.

Look for the Branch field, select the correct branch for the employee. 

Scenario 1

Why is the Calendar of the Branch I selected is not displayed on the Leave Calendar?


First of all, please check your Branch settings at Company > Branch. Select the Branch to open up the setting interface. 

At the Calendar field, select the correct Calendar for that Branch. 

Go back to the Leave Calendar and the user will be able to select and monitor leave calendar of different branch and department.

Scenario 2

The employee’s leave record does not show on the branch calendar I selected.


Please go to Employee > Employee > Select the employee. Click on the Profile tab and search for Branch. Make sure the branch is correctly selected. 

After that, check on the employee’s calendar and make sure that the calendar selected is the same calendar the Branch is using. 

Scenario 3

Why is the HOD not able to view the Leave Calendar and use the filter function to monitor his/her team?

In order to let the HODs to be able to monitor leave calendar of different branch and department. HR Manager or Payroll User will need to create a user role, turn on the Leave Calendar View access and assign it to the HODs. 


Go to User Roles > click add to create a New User Roles: e.g. View Leave

Click on the Role Name to open up the User Role setting page

At the setting page, under Data Permission > expand Human Resources > Leave > turn on the View access. 

Go to the Members tab and click on Add Members. Select the user's email address > Click OK > Save. You may select 1 or multiple email addresses for the same user role and access settings.

The users may now log in to their own ESS portal and access the Leave Calendar. Use the drop-down list to filter and monitor leave calendar of different branch and department accordingly.

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You may refer to the official website of Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) for any updates on employment regulations.