In Default Interface Accounts, there is no agent column to set as default

Customer requests to set agent as default to different user in the system.

For example, user, CINDY can only see own customer while another user, Jessica, who is the leader of CINDY, can see her team agents and customers.




  1. Go to File > Modules

  1. Tick User Default Settings. Additional module incurs extra charges. Save & Close.

  1. Create a user at Defaults > Security System User. Set the roles.

  1. Go to Default > User Default Settings. Select the User created just now.

Note: This example uses User Default Settings. You can use another similar method which is User Default Role Settings. 

Refer to below link on how to set the user roles. 

  1. Select default agent for this user at Agent. Untick “Allow to select to other agent” 

User can only select default Agent as Cindy. There is no other agents available. 

  1. Tick “Allow to select to other agent

User can select other agents when create transaction.

User can select other agents’ customers as well 

           7. Tick “View by agent only

User cannot see transactions by other agents.

    8. Untick “View by agent only

User can see transactions and customers by other agents in reports.

  1. Tick “Compulsory Select Agent

User cannot save without key in agent



  1. Create another user

  1. Set team agents of Jessica. Tick Allow to select other agents.  

User can only select from default agents.

User can only view transactions and reports by default agents.