Optimum current design for Auto Bank Recon Feature:

Note: Currently only support CIMB Biz Channel

How to use this Feature?

User require to download CSV file from CIMB Portal

Step 1 - In CIMB portal, go to Account Statement, fill in the parameter, view.

Step 2 - Generate the statement into “BizChannel Standard –CSV”

Step 3 - Go to Statement Report Download, click the Report Name to download the generated .csv file.

So user might will get an example as below

Now How Optimum use the CSV file, to do Auto Recon.
Step 1 - Open Bank Reconciliation, then Click Auto Recon > System will prompt a browse to select file from PC.


Step 2 - Result


If system don't have the Transaction, system will prompt error message as below:

if the transaction we create it wrong?

system will tell user may post transaction in wrong side

for Tran type is

1 is credit and 2 is debit , and in system Credit is Payment, Debit is Receipt

Note: Optimum CIMB Auto Recon will check criteria “Doc Ref No.”, “Tran Amt.”, “Tran Type” 

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