Let’s says user has 10 QTY for this item AMD-XP/1800 in location KL, after stock take user find out that they suppose has 8 QTY in this KL, how to adjust it?

System QTY = 10 (Current Balance)
 Stock Take QTY = 8


  1. File > Module > tick “Stock Take”
    Note:  This module is an additional module; customer need to pay additional charges


  1. Stock > Stock Take 


  1. Choose Location > Stock, system will display the Current Balance as 10  

    QTY = Default Value as 1, stocktake QTY / Actual warehouse QTY
    Current Balance = Current balance in the system
    Variance = QTY to be adjusted

    Prev Balance = Balance before adjust
     Prev Variance = QTY after adjust 



  1. Change QTY to 8 as the Stock Take QTY. Notice that Variance become -2, which system will adjust this QTY later  

Note: Once you save Stock take, system still not yet adjust QTY in Stock Take Screen

  1. Stock > Stock Take Adjustment, click Transer From, system will display the stock take that we create just now. Tick it and click ok 



  1. System display “Adj. QTY” as -2 and “Stock Take QTY” = 8
     Save it 


  1. If you check Stock inquiry, system has adjusted balance to 8 QTY

  1. Go back to Stock Take form that we create just now, notice that system display QTY & Current Balance = 8, since system already proceed the adjustment in “Stock Take Adjustment” form, so Variance = 0

    System remain the record before adjust
    Pre Balance = 10
    Pre Variance = -2

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