Below is the step-by-step guide on how to transfer account ownership on Cloud Payroll. The steps are simple to follow. Check it out.

Transfer Account Ownership on Cloud Payroll is one of the latest features on Cloud Payroll that will surely benefits the lots of users that are currently using the software.

Before we start the Transfer, please make sure that you have done the below steps and pre-settings.

First of all, please make sure that you have invited the new owner into the system and had given the new email account the system Administrator role.


Assign Administrator Role

In order to transfer account ownership on Cloud Payroll, it is essential for you to complete this step. 

1. To add the system Administrator Role to the new email account, go to User Role > Click on the Administrator role with SYSTEM Role Type. 

2. In the Administrator role setting page, click on Member > Click Add Member. 

3. Select the new email > Click OK to Save and update.


After assigning the Administrator role to the new email, we can now transfer account ownership on Cloud Payroll with just a few clicks.

Transfer Account Ownership on Cloud Payroll

1. Logging in to the current owner’s email. Kindly take note that only the current owner can perform account ownership transfer.

2. Mouse over to the Company Name in the upper right corner and click on My Companies in the dropdown selections.

3. In the My Companies screen, notice that only 1 company’s Transfer Ownership button (which is currently owned by is lit and clickable. Even though current email also has the access to other 2 companies, user cannot perform ownership transfer for them because current email is not the owner of the other 2 companies, therefore the Transfer Ownership button is dimmed.

4. Click on the Transfer Ownership button and the transfer ownership windows box will prompt. Click on the email field and selects the new email from the dropdown list. Click on Transfer complete the process.

5. A successful message will prompt upon successfully transfer account ownership on Cloud Payroll. 

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