User can easily export monthly salary data into QNE Accounting System with the Accounting Feature in Payroll. Learn how in this step-by step guideline.


In order to transfer or export monthly salary data into QNE Accounting System. Please make sure that your QNE Accounting system, a.k.a QNE Optimum version is  2021.0.0.2 and higher. The feature is not available in the version lower than 2021.0.0.2.


Setup Account Codes

Before starting the transfer, user is required to create the account codes for in Optimum for salaries. 

  1. Go to General Ledger > Chart of Account. Here’s an example:


  • Salary & Wages (Expenses)
  • EPF (Expenses)
  • SOCSO (Expenses)
  • EIS (Expenses)


  • Salary Control (Current Liabilities)
  • EPF Payable (Current Liabilities)
  • SOCSO Payable(Current Liabilities)
  • EIS Payable (Current Liabilities)


  1. After that, go to Accounting > Account Setup and click Edit. Fill in the account codes from Optimum in Cloud Payroll> Click Save to update.


Export Monthly Salary Data into QNE Accounting System

  1. Process payroll as usual


  1. Go to Accounting > Export JV. Select Payroll Month and Sequence. Click on Generate Data.

  1. You may also amend the Journal Date and Description

  1. Click on Export and a .json file will be downloaded.

  1. Login to Optimum. Go to General Ledger > Journal Entries. Right Click and selects Import from Cloud Payroll.

  1. Select the .json file you've just downloaded

  1. The Journal has been uploaded in the Accounting System successfully.

  1. You may click into the Journal to view/edit the details.