I had enter all Employee name with Lower Case letter.

When i print out payslip for employees and system show lower case letter on employee name as well.

How to system print out employee name in Upper Case Letter without change in Employee Name one by one?

Step 1 - you need to have Report Designer Module.

Step 2 -Go to Reports > Report Files > Select Payslip > Click Design.

Step 3 - Click Field Selection > Expand QNEObjectDataSource > Expand Rows >  Click add Calculated Fields. System will add a new calculated field.

Step 4 - Click Edit button on CalculatedField > Rename the calculatedfield > Copy Upper( [EmployeeName] ) and paste in Expression column

Step 5 - Drag the field into format

Step 6 - Save the format

Step 7 - Preview with that customize payslip format again

System will show Employee name in Upper Case