If employees request to make PTPTN repayment through scheduled salary deduction, how should the HR user Create Customized Deduction in Payroll such as PTPTN Repayment?


Here’s how easy it is for users to Create Customized Deduction in Payroll such as PTPTN Repayment. Scroll down to learn step by step.

This solution is suitable for any deductions that need to be processed together in the monthly payroll, such as Lateness Deduction, Loan Repayment, Advance Paid, PTPTN Repayment and other customized deductions.

Did you know?

Instead of creating a new Deduction type, you can always utilize the Loan Module in Cloud Payroll. 

Go to Human Resources > Loan. Here you can key in employees Loan amount, keep track of the employee’s loan and even make a Repayment schedule to deduct the loan installments from the employees monthly salary.

Advance Paid
The same goes for Advance Paid, you can key in this item at Payroll > Advance Paid, select the month and sequence that you will be deducting the advance paid and enter all relevant details.

The deduction will be scheduled. When the user generates the payroll sequence, the advance paid will be included in the payroll as well.

First of all, to create customized deduction in Payroll such as PTPTN repayment, HR user must create the deduction type.

  1. Under Maintenance, go to Deduction > clicks on Add to create a new deduction type

  1. Key in the Code and Name of the deduction, for example, HR user wants to create customized deduction in payroll such as PTPTN Repayment. Taking PTPTN Repayment as example, HR user should not have to select any statutory deduction for this deduction type.

  1. Click on Save to save this Deduction Type.


Scheduling Deduction in Payroll

After users create customized deduction in payroll such as PTPTN Repayment, they may now schedule it for each employee at their Employee Profile.

  1. Go to Employee > Employee Profile > Select Employee
  2. Go to Deduction Tab > Click on Edit > Add to create a new scheduled Deduction Item

  1. Select the Deduction type, payment period, payroll sequence and amount > click Ok to save this scheduled deduction.


Users may also add in the deductions when they are processing the payroll/after generate payroll. 

  1. After generate payroll > click on Add Item > Navigate to Deduction tab > Select Deduction.

  1. Select the deduction type and enter the payment info> click ok to add the payroll item. 

  1. The deduction will be added in the employee’s payroll.

  1. Recalculate to update the Statutory Contributions