For Existing Delphi user upgraded to Optimum, if user would like to migrate Stock Opening Balance as of cut off date from Delphi to Optimum.

Note: as of Optimum Cut off date is 01/01/2011, so Delphi might require to export Stock Closing as of 31/12/2010.

Note: Delphi version at least 745 or above to proceed export Stock OB to Optimum


Step 1 - on Delphi Screen Click File > Click System Option.

Step 2 - after System prompt out system option, user need to Press 'CTRL + SHIFT + F9' on keyboard, then system will prompt out request password, password is 'qne2004'

Step 3 - after Click OK, System will prompt 'Extra Function Activated', then Press OK.

Step 4 - After that User Click File > Click Import and Export > Click Export Stock OB to Optimum.

Step 5 - System will prompt out Export Function like below, my optimum cut off date is 01/01/2021, therefore in delphi Export Feature, i need to filter 31/12/2010 then Press 'Inquiry'.

Step 6 - after User have the result, then user can Press 'Export', then Press OK.

Note : as per message explanation, user will not receive any exported hardcopy data, because system stored it in Database Backend table.

Step 7 - Now, after exported data from Delphi, user would need come to Optimum, in Optimum Screen, Click on File > then Click on Migration Assistant.


Step 8 - System will prompt out Migration Assistant Box, Click 'QNE(Firebird)'

Step  9 - Migration Wizard will prompt out, User need to make sure Optimum Server name is correct, and Database Code is correct, if Yes, then Press 'Next'.

Step 10 - After Click Next, Migration Wizard will need user select Delphi DB, Please make sure the Delphi Database Path is Correct, If Yes, then Click 'Next'.

Step 11 - Last Step Press 'Import'.


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