To Claim Children Tax Relief for Employee PCB in Cloud Payroll is straightforward and intuitive. All you need is the employee's children information that are eligible and categorized them according to the children tax code.

With the information at hand, simply go to the relevant employee profile > Children Tab. Click Edit > Click Add to add the first children

Make sure that the children tax code  is correctly selected Check which Tax Code they choose for each children.
1 relief point = RM2000

If the employee have 2 children:

1. Children 1 - TDC01: Relief Point = 1

2. Children 2 - TDC03: Relief Point = 4

Total Relief Point = 5

1 Relief Point = RM2000

The total Exemption for Children claimable for this employee is:

RM 2000* 5 relief Point = RM 10,000