Update Bank Reconciliation Opening Balance and all unreconciled transactions carried forward in cloud accounting system only takes a few steps. Learn more.




Unreconciled transactions relating to your bank accounts as of the Cut-off date should also be included as part of the Opening Balances for General Ledgers.


To create a Bank Reconciliation Opening Balances, go to Navigation Pane > General Ledger > Bank Reconciliation OB.



First, select the Bank Account from the dropdown.


Next, click ‘Add’ button to add a new record.


The Bank Reconciliation Opening Balance screen will appear, allowing the user to enter the details of the unreconciled receipt or payment transaction.



Once the transaction details have been entered, click ‘OK’.


The record created will then now appear in the list.





  1. Go to Navigation Pane > General Ledger > Bank Reconciliation OB to update any unreconciled transactions from previous cut-off date.
  2. After selecting the Bank Account> Click Add to create the record.
  3. Update relevant details and amount and Click OK to Save the transaction.