Create a customer Account in Cloud Accounting System

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Account Receivable (AR) is an asset recorded on the balance sheet that are the balances results from unpaid sales of goods or services transactions that are delivered or used but not yet paid for by the customers. 

Account Receivables is categorized as one of the Master Files in QCA system, other than the company’s Chart of Accounts, Stock/Service Item, Account Payables, and etc. 

Normally, you should create the Customer Accounts for customers that has a credit term and long-term business relationships with the business. All transactions with the customer will be posted into the Customer GL Accounts. 

First, click on Account Receivable in the Navigation Pane, then select Customers. This will bring you to the Customers List View.

Click ‘Add’ button to add a new customer record.


The Customer Details is where you will store the individual customer accounts information and settings. 

Input the Customer NameNotice that the Customer Code is generated automatically. 

Define the compulsory fields – Control AccountCurrency and Term, if the fields are selected by default, you may change to other options accordingly. 

You may also define the customer’s CategoryAgent in charge and AreaVarious reports can be generated using these fields as the filtering criteria, which might just provide important information such as business performance according to customer category or customer area. 

Feel free to update other information such as Registration NoBusiness Nature and Website as well, if applicable. 

At the section below, under Billing Tab, fill in the customer Billing information. The information in Billing by default are also the customer’s Delivery address, if not defined otherwise in the transaction forms.

If the customer has multiple delivery locations, you may also add in other delivery addresses under Delivery Tab.

Click on Delivery to switch to this screen. Toggle Off (Same as Billing) button to enable the +New DO Address button. 


Click +New DO Address to add a new delivery address.

Input Branch# and Branch Name. Fill in the Delivery Address and other information. You may toggle Set as Default button to set this address as the default delivery address for transactions under this customer.

Once done, Click on OK to save the address.


Click on +New DO Address again to continue adding in new delivery address.


To Edit the Delivery Address, simply click on the particular Branch# to call out the Delivery Address window. Once you have amended the delivery address, click on OK again to save.

You may also Delete a delivery address if it’s no longer in use. Under Delivery tab, click on the Delete icon at the far-right end. Click on OK at the Confirmation Message to delete the delivery address.

Input any remarks in regards of the customer accounts under the Note tab. 

Once done, click on Save.


To Edit the customer’s details, simply click on the Edit button in Customer Details View. 

Click on Save again once you are done with the necessary amendments.


There are two ways to delete customer(s).

First is to delete within the Customer Details View. Click the triple dot button in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose ‘Delete’.

A message prompt will appear to confirm your action, and the system will only delete the transaction following confirmation.

The other option is to delete from the Customer List View, allowing to delete multiple transactions at once. 

You may easily pick several items by using the checkboxes in the far-left corner of each transaction. The Delete button will be enabled after you have chosen the customer(s) you want to delete.

After clicking, a request for confirmation will appear. Click on ‘Confirm Delete’ to delete the transaction(s). 



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