1st - Require Open Office

I will attach both Creditors and Debtors for importing, inside the format will have 2 examples.

Debtor and Creditor Master File

The yellow color box which is compulsory column to fill.

After fill in everything Save it, open the excel file with Open Office and Save as dBase .



Step 1 – After fill in info, open the excel format with Open Office .

Step 2 - Save As dBase .

Step 3 – Open QnE Business Solution > File > Utilities > Import and Export > Import Master Data From other Database .

Step 4 - After Click Import Master Data From other Database ,Below screen will pop-out .Note: For Safety , please do import after Backup .If already Backup then Click No .

Step 5 – After Click No .Below Screen will pop out > Select Dbase .

Step 6 - After Select DBase > Click Browse

Step 7 – Choose Creditor or Debtor > From table choose dbase format .

Step 8 - Control Account >Choose Trade Creditros.

Step 9 – Please Check on Require , If YES which is Compulsory to have which is yellow box in excel.To point dbase field same as Master Field .
Master Field Company Code , the From Field choose CompanyCode to match with it.
Same to Others Field.

Step 10 – After finish Match From Field Click Import .

Result as Below :


Full documentation please click  VIEW to display in PDF format.