To Avoid user forgot to backup database.

QnE Delphi have a schedule backup function to help user backup.


Step 1 – Locate the GBAK Scheduler.exe .

My GBAK Scheduler path is D:\Version\742\Qbs

GBAKSrvc.exe is to install GBAK scheduler backup into your window services.

Note: It might now successfully, if it not successfully install user can manually startup the scheduler backup.

QnEGBAKSchd.exe is the schedule backup program. (Double Click the .exe)

Step   2 – After double Click QnEGBAKSchd.exe below Screen pop out. Click New

Step 3 – follow setting as below.

Username: sysdba

Password: masterkey

Confirm Password: masterkey

Database to backup: 

Server PC IP address:drive:\path\database.fdb


Drive: D

Path: Version\742\Demo\SAMPLE2.FDB

Result as below:\Version\742\Demo\SAMPLE2.FDB


The Database and the folder to keep DB cannot have space.

Example: QnE Data (Wrong)   QnEData (Correct)

Example: ABC Factory.FDB (Wrong)   ABCFactory.FDB (Correct)

If got space in folder or DB name. May fail to backup.

Target Tab:

For Testing Purpose, I backup the DB to Desktop.

Logging Tab: To save log file, backup fail or success will result the log file.

Log File Example:

Backup Plan:

Set Date and Time.

After Finish Setting Click OK.


After OK, Click Yes.

Click Execute Now!



Click Yes.

Below Screen will prompt.

GBAK Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin

Note: Firebird folder normally is locate in program files or Program files (x86)

Click OK.

Execute again, Successfully backup to Desktop.