Optimum enhanced supervisor password control on POS module, and the control are below item:

  • Change Unit Price
  • Delete Item
  • Eject Cash Drawer
  • Item Discount
  • Reprint Receipt
  • Void Transaction


When POS user want to proceed the action above system will prompt out the verification window screen to insert the supervisor username and password.





How to activate the POS supervisor access right?

Step 1 - GOTO Maintenance > User Role > Select user roles > Supervisor tab > Point of Sales tab > Tick Approval > Save

Below are the demonstrate how the supervisor access right works with staff account and supervisor account. 


User had insert the same item 2 times and user want to delete/void incorrect item.


Step 2 - When click delete button/Ctrl+F1 system will prompt out verification screen to insert supervisor username and password.

If insert username that without supervisor access right will show permission is denied.

If username have supervisor access right system will direct apply the delete item command.