Before Proceed Solution, we double check Stock Opening Balance Record

Note: No any record.

Step 1 – Prepare a Stock Opening Excel File.

User can get the format from :

After fill in info, open the excel format with Open Office .


Save As dBase .





Step 2 – Click File à Click Utilities à Click Import and Export à import master data from other Database.

Step 3 – after Click Import Master data。

Click ‘Yes’.

Step 4 – After Click Yes à System will prompt below message à you can click ‘No’ , if you already done Backup.

If user not yet backup, please click ‘Yes’, to proceed backup before proceed Import Stock Opening Balance.



Step 5 - After Click No .Below Screen will pop out > Select Dbase .


Step 6 - After Select DBase > Click Browse





Step 7 – Select Stock Opening Tabà From Table : Select StockOP (which is our Dbase Name)


Step 8 –Select the field name, (all below field name are from excel field).





Step 9 – Click Import



Step 10- Now we check Stock Opening Balance Transaction.