To filter non – tally Transaction (Journal)

1. Connect to Database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


Please refer How to install Microsoft SQL Management Studio


Please refer How to Connect to Database use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

2. Start a new Query


3. Copy and Paste the following SQL Script into the New Query --Change “SampleDB” to your database name


USE [SampleDB]



SELECT JournalType, DocumentCode, sum(Debit) as Debit, sum(Credit) as Credit, sum(Debit-Credit) as Total

FROM GLTransactions --Key in Cut Off Date

WHERE TransactionDate >= '2014-01-01' GROUP BY JournalType, DocumentCode

HAVING (Round(sum(Debit),2) - Round(sum(Credit),2) <> 0)


4. Change [SampleDB] to your own database name


5. Change the Cut off date if required


6. Execute the Query


7. Re-save all Transaction in Results.