1. Go to File > Utilities > QNE Management Tools 

2. QNE will prompt another application (QNE Management Tools) 

3. Go to Tools > Intelligence SQL Queries 

4. Tick checkbox named ‘Overwrite Generated SQL’ 

5. Copy script from below update Stock set SSTTariffCode = '8504402000' /*Replace content 8504402000 with your Tariff 

Code*/ where GroupCode = 'SW' /*Replace content SW with your Stock Group Code*/ 

6. Paste into Queries column 

7. Click on Execute button to execute the query.

8. Click Exit button to close QNE Management Tools

9. You can go to Stock > Stock Items > search and open the Stock Items under defined Stock Group

10. Your selected Stock Group’s Stock Item’s Tariff Code is now updated accordingly

Refer attachment for details