How to lock certain period of transaction so that the staff unable to edit/ delete.

There are 4 staff working in account department and I would like to set different valid posting period for them according to their working experience.


1.    Go to Maintenance > Valid Posting Period

 2.   Set a Default Posting Period as below:  *Default Posting Period=A period that every staff able to access



3.   Click "New"

4.   Now we can set different Valid Posting Period for Senior Accountant Hazel as below:

5. Select User “Hazel” then key in “Valid Date From” and “Valid Date To”> Then save.

Hazel able to access transaction from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2021

6.   After save then you can see the record as below:

7.   If Other staff trying to amend transaction 2019 or earlier, system will prompt a warning message as below:

DONE :) 

Please refer to attachment for full documentation, Thank you.