A user account lockout policy is a security policy that determines when and for how long a user account should be locked out after entering the wrong password.

It can help prevent malicious users or hackers from guessing and cracking the user’s password by using brute force.


1. Go to Maintenance > System Options > System


2. Under “User Account Lock-Out Policy”, tick the checkbox “Lock-Out User Account”

3. Key in “After x unsuccessful attempt/s of login” to define lock out an account after the user entered the wrong password x number of times.

4. Select lock out account for how long in “Lock Out Duration No”

5. Click Save after configuration.

6. A “Login Failed” message will prompt when the user (User_A) enters the wrong password 3 times.

7. Based on the above example, User_A can either wait for 24 hours or contact the “Administrator” user to Unlock the User Account.

8. To unlock the locked User Account, Administrator can go to Maintenance > Users > double-click on the locked User Account.

9. Go to Edit then click the “Unlock Account” button.

10. Now the “User_A” account is unlocked and able to login again.


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