Reminder: Please do not simply proceed with this action if you are not clear. If you really want to proceed this, please run a backup first. 

These are the steps to follow:

  • Tools > Database Utility > Database Utilities > Connect > Choose server name and Database > Click Ok > Click Support > Click Data > Click New Query
  • Type: Select *from stocks update stocks set stockcontrol ='0' where stockcode ='(Stock #)' 
  • (Kindly replaced the 'Stock#' to your Stock #)

  • Go to Tools > Database Utility > Database Utility > (QNE.ERP.DatabaseUtils.exe) > Click Yes  

  • Click Connect

  • File in the Server Name and Database > Click OK

  • Click Support

  • Click Data

  • Click New Query

  • Type: Select *from stocks where stockcode ='ASUS-EX
    (Replace ‘ASUS-EX’ to your Stock# that you wanted to unticked the Stock Control)
  •   system display the item you want to edit. Please double confirm

Update stocks set stockcontrol ='0' where stockcode ='ASUS-EX'


  • Then run this script 
  • Now Click Execute and you can see the particular stock item is already Unticked/Uncheck


  • Get back at the Stock Items > Click Refresh

  • Done