1) Search QLS in Computer and Click to open QLS

2) After QLS is Opened and it will show in Taksbar. Click on the QLS icon and QLS will show on computer screen.

3) Click License button

4) License Center is opened and you will see all your company activated Databases

5) Click on Product Key and Press CTRL + C to copy the product key

6) Paste the product key into Notepad and save it in pendrive/external hardisk (for activate the license in new computer/new database purpose)

7) Go back Licenses Center > Highlight the database that want to deactivate > Click Licenses > Click Transfer Licenses Out To Cloud

8) Keyin Reason for Deactivate License > Keyin Person Name of request deactivate license > Click Transfer License Out button

9) License is deactivating

10) Licenses Deactivate done > Click OK button

11) Database is deactivated.