Except from Deactivate License from QLS.


If User Server PC need to change hardware.

- If User wants to proceed Server Migration.

- If User wants to proceed Bios Update, or anything update might caused some changes in Server PC

- If User wants to Amend Company Profile.

- If User license is register in Cloud Server, and wants to deactivate.


If the license has not been transferred out, proceed to the above situation. The user's license will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the user license will not be lost, the user must transfer out the license before proceeding to the above-mentioned situation so that the user can register the license again

User also can follow Accounting Software Transfer License method as below to deactivate license from QNE Optimum:


Method 1: Deactivate License via QLS Agent.

Find out more: How to Deactivate License from QLS


Method 2: Accounting Software Transfer License from QNE Optimum registration.

Step 1 – Login in QNE Optimum Software.

Step 2 – Click File > Click Registration.

Step 3 – Once Click Registration, below screen will prompt, then Click ‘Transfer Out

Step 4 – After Click ‘Transfer out’, insert reason, and insert Requested By

Successfully transfer out


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