For some of the user, when they received Goods Received Notes (GRN), the staff can only update stock QTY but they cannot view the unit cost in GRN, so unit cost in GRN is empty.  


When user transfer to purchase invoice, even though user update unit cost as RM 300



When check stock inquiry, the  cost still show as RM 0, which follow Goods Receive note instead of Purchase invoice. This will create a problem that the item unit cost is not updated.  


1. Go to System option → Purchase → Tick the setting ‘Automatically update unit cost in Goods receive 


2. For existing GRN and Purchase Invoice has created, you need to Resave the Purchase invoice.
Then System will auto update the unit cost in GRN as RM 300 in stock inquiry 



3. If you check the unit cost in GRN, the unit cost will be updated as the value from Purchase Invoice - RM 300



Note: If user update Unit Cost as RM 200; Transfer to Purchase Invoice change it to RM 300,
 If you access GRN, system will update unit cost as RM 300. 

You can download from Attachment 

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