Departments is used in Employee Maintenance and Leave Approval Setting. This Setup Departments can be group by Departments in Reports in just below simple step

Go to SETUP > Company > Departments

Department Listing screen will be prompted.

1) Create a New Department

Click Add button to add new Department

Click OK button after keyin Department’s Code and Department’s Name.

INACTIVE: Tick this checkbox if this department is inactive

After click OK button, system will show message “Operation successfully completed!” And Department is created and show in department listing screen

Setup Departments is done and now can assign Employee to the related Department

2) Edit Department

Click on Department Code that wants to edit on department listing screen.

Edit Department details and then click OK button

After click OK, system will save the Department details and show message “Operation successfully completed!”

3) Delete Department

Tick the checkbox on the Department that want to delete.

Delete button will appear on screen

Click Delete button and system will prompt out Remove Confirmation message and click OK button if confirm want to delete or click Cancel button if want to cancel operation

After click OK to confirm delete the Department then system will show message “Operation successfully completed!” and Department had been deleted.

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