Accounting Software - Configure Database Path


Please refer the video

1.Open your QNE application

2.From the login wizard, please click on ‘HOME’ button

3.Next, please click on ‘APPEND’ 

4.Fill in your company name and server name ‘’

5.Next, please select ‘SQL AUTHENTICATION’ 

6.Please key in user ID as ‘QNEBSS@QNED3’, password is ‘QnE123!@#’ 

7.Key in your Database Code and click on ‘Test Connection’

8.Please make sure the connection is success and click on ‘OK’

9.Then, After done, select ‘Use default cloud server’ and click ‘Save’

10.Next, please remove your previous database path. 

     Click on the old path > Click ‘REMOVE’ and ‘YES’

11.Then click on ‘Open’

12.Please login with your username and password.

Done, Thank you :)

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