How to Enable Web Portal in QNE Optimum after subscribed Web Portal User Subscription


  1. If you just subscribed Web Portal User Subscription, you need to update your license first
  2. Go to File > Registration > click Update License

  1. Once license updated, system will prompt ‘Registration Success!’

  1. Go to File > Web Portal

  1. Click ‘Enable Web Portal Access’
  2. Key in your Server Name and click Next

  1. If your server’s login ID is ‘SA’ then choose System Default Authentication else choose SQL Server Authentication
  2. Key in your Database Name and click Next

  1. Key in your unique Database Code aka Cloud Code
  2. By default, will be same as your Database name but you can choose a different Database Cloud as long it’s not taken
  3. Click Check Availability to verify whether your choice of Cloud code is taken

  1. If it is available, click Enable Web Portal Access

  1. It might take some time to register, wait patiently
  2. Once registration completed, You may click HERE or navigate to and login as usual


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