In our system, we have various additional modules such as Batch Email Distribution, Recurring, Progress Invoicing, and more. To maintain smooth daily operations and prevent inadvertent disruptions, access rights to these functions have been configured.


This measure ensures that users cannot randomly select modules that may interfere with their regular tasks or workflow. By controlling access to specific functions, we aim to streamline operations and enhance productivity.


If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding access rights and module usage, please refer to our support documentation or contact our customer support team for assistance.




  1. Go to Maintenance > User Roles

  1. Go to Users to set the role to user.

  1. Go to Permission > Other Operations

  1. Tick to allow user to access to Module Manager

  1. It enables user to tick and save additional modules in the system.

  1. Untick Module Manger.


There will be no selection as user is not able to access this function.