User may configure the Selling Price Priority in Accounting System easily in regards of how they want to bill a customer for an item. Read on to learn more.


User may set the selling price priority at Sales > Selling Price Priority. By default, system selling price priority is based on the following aspects/latest transaction documents:

System will first prioritize user’s setting in Pricing Rules, which is accessible if user have included and enabled Pricing Rules Module. You may refer to other KB regarding the module.

If Pricing Rules Module is not included in the user’s package. The selling price priority will first follow the Last Sales Invoice/Cash Sales selling price, and then continues down the list if there are no transaction documents at the priorities above that system can refer to. 


How does Selling Price Priority work? 

Scenario: When Customer has never bought the Stock Item

Customer: ABC Sdn Bhd

Stock Item: AAA

Sales Price: RM100.00

If user have configure the Selling Price Priority in Accounting System according to the default priority setting above, the first document/transaction created for customer ABC Sdn Bhd for Item AAA will follows Priority 7 - Fixed Price of the stock item. 

User may set the Fixed Price at Stock Module > Stock Item screen, Sales Price column.


For example, at January 01/01/2022, user issue the first Quotation to customer ABC Sdn Bhd for Item AAA. Item AAA unit price will automatically display as RM 100.00 as shown below.

As no document/transaction was created before this quotation, system will capture the Stock Item’s Sales Price as the default selling price for ABC Sdn Bhd. 

For this Quotation dated 01/01/2022, user has decided to offered customer ABC Sdn Bhd with a lower price of RM90.00 /unit for Item AAA. 

Later at February 01/02/2022, user issue another quotation for customer ABC Sdn Bhd for the same item. This time, the system has captured unit price as RM 90.00 as per last Quotation unit price (dated 01/01/2022).

As we have already configure the Selling Price Priority in Accounting System as shown above, which indicates the system to follow the higher Priority 6 - Last Quotation Price first, instead of the Stock Item’s Fixed Price. 


Default Selling Price will follow Latest Document with higher Priority

Scenario: User has issued the following documents on March 01/03.2022 and April 01/04/2022


Document Type


Stock Item

Default Unit Price


Sales Invoice

ABC Sdn Bhd




Sales Invoice

ABC Sdn Bhd



On May 01/05/2022, user issue another Sales Invoice (same customer, same Item), you will notice that system will capture RM 85.00 as the default unit price of this transaction.

Click on the item > Selling Price (F2)> Item Price Inquiry to check the last Selling Price, or Selling Price History Item for all transactions/document types, dates and their unit price that were issued before.

Selling Price > Item Price Inquiry:

Selling Price > Selling Price History Item:

**Please take note that when user configure the Selling Price Priority in Accounting System, the checking is applicable to transactions/document types that are issue to the same customer for the same stock item. 

If user selects another Item or sell the same item to another customer (that never had any document/transaction history in system), the selling price priority checking will restart accordingly. 


Selecting Document Types to check the Last Unit Price 

User may configure the Selling Price Priority in Accounting System by selecting which document or price types to include or exclude. Just tick / untick the Price Type from the setting screen. 

After that, click on Save to update.



Rearrange Priorities 

User may also change the priority sequence of the Price Type by select the Price Type you want to move, and tap on “Alt + Arrow Up / Down” to move. Click Save to Update.