The design of the Price Group, Price Book, Last Selling Price Setting in QNE Optimum is different compare to QNE Delphi Firebird. It is more flexible and powerful, it combines the features of Price Group, Price Book and Last Selling Price in QNE Delphi Firebird.

1. Please go to the menu bar and select Sales>Selling Price Priority

2. From here, you can change the priority sequence by clicking the buttons "Move Up" and "Move Down" .

    You can also click the checkbox to either enable or disable whether the selling price should refer to the particular     price type.


3. Click the button “Price History” and you can see a screen which recorded the last selling price from different transaction types.

4. Click the New button and you can now define the pricing according to the customers, UOM and the effective date.

The system will retrieve the price above automatically, if the price is changed after the doc date, the system will follow the price from the new date automatically and the admin is not require to always update the selling price themselves, unless they want to amend the new pricing and the admin can always come back here to insert a new price setting with a latest


Refer attachment for details