When try to Start SQL Server but it failed due to Error Code 3411


To verify Press Start > Search for Event Viewer

Inside Event Viewer.

Expand Windows Logs > Click Application > Look for Error.

From Below Error message explanation, we know that something happen with Master Database, and event viewer suggest to restore or reinstall the master database.


Double Click This PC > double Click Local Disk C;> Program files > Microsoft SQL Server > MSSQL14.SQL2017DEV > MSSQL > DATA.

look for Master Database and Master Log files.

Please copy this 2 file, Paste into a new folder as Backup.

and Inside another folder which is Binn > templates

inside Templates folder, SQL Provide a default Master DB and log, copy this 2 file replace into DATA folder

After replace

GoTO Services , Start SQL again

Start Successful without any error message