Stock Item Description describe the Stock Item itself in purposes, measurement, specs, model and etc.

Company A hired a new Junior Executive and do not want the new hired to edit the Stock Item Description.




1. Login as administrator (User Name: ADMIN)

2. Go to “Maintenance” > select “User Roles”

3. Double click on the “User Roles” assigned to new hired (In my case, is the “Junior Executive” User Roles)

4. Go to tab “Permissions” > tab “Other Operations”

5. Look for “Edit Item Description (Purchase Module)”, “Edit Item Description (Sales Module)” and “Edit Item Description (Stocks Module)”

6. Untick the checkbox “Allow” for which Module’s transaction you wish to disallow the new hired to edit Stock Item description

7. Click “Save and Close”

8. Re-login QNE Optimum

9. Now the new hired login is not able to edit the Stock Item Description anymore and the font color will change to “Blue” color


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