Bank File Spec preparation from Bank Muamalat : Please refer this attachment.

Solution with QNE Optimum:

1st - Click Supplier > Click Suppliers > Click New.

In Suppliers Maintenance Screen, User can drop down the Supplier Bank field to choose Bank in this Bank list

After User have choose the bank for their Supplier, Bank Negara Code will automatically appear as after the bank user have selected.

User are require to manually fill in Supplier Bank Account Number, Beneficiary's Name, Beneficiary ID.

2nd - Now, Click Supplier > Paybills.

here is the Paybills Listing sample:

Click Create New.

System will prompt a Paybill Screen here, User may require to select supplier code to proceed Paybills.

After User select Supplier, the Supplier tab will auto appear Supplier Bank Info which user filled in Supplier Maintenance Screen.

Now, User can fill in the Amount to paid Supplier, in 'PAD' field system will based on user amount inserted, to generate a 11 number that Bank File Spec require.


Record Type will auto appear 02,

User require to fill in Payee's Email address and Payee's Mobile Number.

User can now knock off with invoice below.

Now, Comeback to Paybills Listing by Click Search on top of Transaction Paybill.

System will prompt user to Paybills Listing as below, By holding CTRL button on Keyboard + Left Click with mouse to select multiple Pay Bills or select 1 pay bill also can.

Then, User require drop down the Preview button, then Click the Pay Bills Listing Muamalat Bank File Spec option.


User are allow to export it to xls as IBIZ require.


After Successfully Export the excel format, User require to tick Exported and Save, in order to make the transaction will not generate in second time export.

Note: After exported is ticked and Save, even if user wrongly select this few transaction and preview, system will also ignore the transaction which exported is ticked.

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