below is OR Standard IO Excel Format

Table 1: 

Table 2:

Question: Hi. Possible to insert a note, or additional reference/remark which by default hv in system but not in I/O Export Excel file. They want to key in excel then import back?


1st - From Master Part, we can find there is a Reference 1 field in Others Tab.

in Excel File, Brown Color Table which is Table 1 is equal to Master Part.

therefore, actually we can add column into the Standard IO Excel, in order to request system get the result we want, as long as user fill in the correct column Header, Example: Reference 1 = Ref1

2nd- In Details Part have same feature as well, the Blue Color Table or Table 2 is equal to Details Part, so i added the extra column call referenceno.

After import, and get correct result.

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