In QNE Cloud Accounting system, we offer a full screen display mode where in this display mode will cover the entire screen excludes out browser UI elements and Operating system menus, providing a more immersive and focused experience for user. The following solution steps will show you how to enable full screen display in QNE Cloud Accounting. 




  1. Click the button with a gear icon located at the top navigation bar beside user account. Then select the Fullscreen option in the drop-down list to enable the full screen view. 


  1. Full screen mode is on. 

To Disable the Fullscreen mode, kindly follow the instructions from step 1 to 2 where in step 2, you will require to click the “Exit Full screen” option in the drop-down list. 




Fullscreen mode can be disabled by the user manually by pressing the "Esc" Escape key or using the method introduced in this guide, which restores the browser UI and operating system menus.